Code of Ethics

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The Code of Ethics, that Pastificio Andalini S.p.A. has decided to adopt, gathers the set of values that the Company recognises, accepts and shares and the responsibilities that it assumes within and outside its organisation; these values must inspire the conduct, acts and behaviour of those who work on behalf or in the interest of Pastificio Andalini S.p.A.

This document sets out the ethical business culture of Pastificio Andalini S.p.A. which must inspire strategic thinking and the conduct of company activities.

Pastificio Andalini S.p.A. intends to ensure that its activities are carried out in full compliance with Italian law and, within the limits of its activities, with the law of any country in which it operates, also in collaboration with other companies.

The stakeholders, Addressees of this Code of Ethics (employees, collaborators, suppliers, customers) are required to comply with this regulation, the protocols and procedures and/or the internal protocols connected to it.

If you are one of the categories with an interest and want to consult our Code of Ethics, fill in the form below and it will be sent to you by email.

Pastificio Andalini


Via Martiri di Belfiore, 13 - 44042 Cento (FE) - Italy
Tel. +39 051 685 65 11 - E-mail: - P.I. 01306670389

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