The Organica

The Organica

In line with the healthy products that come from Nature

This line is dedicated to the dough elaborated according to the best biological methods that respect both the environment and the integrity of organoleptic and nutritional values, to ensure consumers the certainty of a quality that exalts every healthy product that comes from nature.

The Organica Andalini respond perfectly to the widespread need to get closer to the origins, reassuring all the naturalness and original flavors of the ancient time.

Organic Egg Nest

Broth Egg Pasta

Broth Wheat Pasta

Rough organic semolina pasta

Rough organic whole wheat semolina pasta

Rough organic whole spelt Specialties

Contact Us

Pastificio Andalini


Via Martiri di Belfiore, 13 - 44042 Cento (FE) - Italy
Tel. +39 051 685 65 11 - E-mail: - P.I. 01306670389

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